A toilet sprayer, also known as bidet shower or bidet sprayer, is a hand held shower similar to a kitchen sink sprayer or hand shower is used for cleansing after excretion. A leaking toilet sprayer is usually caused by water leaks, broken gaskets and clogged pipes which can result in loss of gallons of water, which if not remedied, can cause serious hazards. If it is minor, then these leakages can be easily tackled. However,it is advised to take help from professional plumbers in Edmonton if you aren’t experienced in fixing a leaking toilet sprayer. In most cases, a leaking toilet sprayer can be easily fixed with household tools.

Prevent a Leaking Toilet Sprayer
Before dealing with a leaking toilet sprayer, turn off the water supply from the water valve. If it still leaks, then you can turn off the main valve to prevent any water wastage while you fix the problem. It would be beneficial to keep a rag below the sprayer to avoid dampening the floor and stopping parts from slipping into the drain.

Unclogging a Choked Pipe
One of the reasons for the leakage can be a clogged pipe. Check the pipe first by unscrewing it using a wrench. If you find it blocked, you can clean it up with a wire brush and fix the issue. You may also remove the strainer using a screwdriver or plier. If it requires cleaning, use a brush and remove the dirt and then, fix it back.

Broken Gaskets or Seals
A damaged gasket can result in water leakages and in turn, water damage. If you find a broken gasket, you can temporarily seal it with a PTFE tape and contact professional plumbers in Edmonton for permanent solutions.

Check the Faucet
It is also essential to check the faucet for any possible problems. If you find constant drips into the bowl of the bidet, then check the hose for any loose ends. You may apply plumbers tape in that case or contact professional plumbers in Edmonton if there is a major issue.

While most of the times leaking toilet sprayers can be easily dealt with, there are times when it is essential to resort to plumbing repairs provided by professionals. Pro Plumbing provides professional toilet repair services. They also help with repair and replacement of faucets. One must adhere to regular plumbing checks by professionals to prevent such leakages and its consequences.

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