No one likes when their home starts stinking out of nowhere. Your home is supposed to be a comfortable place where you reside to escape uncomforting things outside of your homes. However, there are times when your plumbing system won’t let you enjoy the comfort you are always in search of. If maintained decently by calling up the best plumbers in Edmonton, your plumbing system can go a long way. However, if you are not careful enough and ignore the discomfort by allowing your plumbing system to rot further, the situations can surpass the irreparable stage. However, to take further actions, you first need to understand the reasons of why your plumbing stinks.

1) Clogged Drains

It is normal for the drains to have clogged over the months or years. Soap, detergents, drain cleaners, oil or grease, floss, and much more can result in clogging of drains over a period of time. These accumulated remnants along with the standing water beneath mixes up only to result in foul smells arising out of the clogged drains. It is important to get these clogged drains treated by calling up the best plumbers in Edmonton.

2) Dry Pipes/P-Trap

There is a U section of pipe underneath your washbasin, shower, toilet, bathtub, etc. This U section, also called the p-trap, is connected to the wastewater pipe. This wastewater pipe in hidden inside the wall. It is connected to the sewer at one end and the other end leads up to the ceiling and out in the open air. This causes us to bring in the fresh air and vent out the foul sewer smell outside and prevent it from entering homes. Usually, this p-trap have some water stored even after the water flow has been turned off. This creates a film that prevents sewer gases to enter our homes. So, when the p-trap dries up the water, it can result in foul smells entering your homes. Thus, pouring in some water should solve your dried pipes problems. If the smell still doesn’t go away, you need to call up a plumber and get it checked and treated.

3) Water Heaters

Water heaters lead to moisture buildup due to the environment it undergoes as it is switched on and off. This moisture and darkness within are prone to multiplying bacteria leading to foul smell production. Additionally, some water suppliers have sulphur content in the water supplied. This sulphur content later mixes up with the metal components within the water heater, thus, making the smell more evident and spreading to the water further.

4) Basic Plumbing Errors

Do not, at any cost, try repairing your plumbing all by yourself. Your lack of knowledge can result in missing out on some steps thus, leaving behind basic plumbing errors which result in havoc. Sometimes, if you are appointing an average plumber, they can also leave your plumbing disrupted. Basic plumbing errors like not fixing the pipes and allowing leakages can produce such foul smells.

If you are facing any of the above-stated problems, you are in deep waters, literally! But we would suggest you relax since you can call up the best plumbers in Edmonton for your rescue instead of trying to fix them yourself unless you are very sure. And if we are to suggest the exact plumbers with the best expertise and trust, the name would be Pro Plumbing.

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