Is your washbasin clogged? Are you fed up with the unpleasant odor from your drain? You can call a plumber to your rescue but he will probably take an hour or half to reach. Well here are some ways to unclog your drain in case of emergencies.

1) Use a Mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

First, bail out all the water from the sink. Once the sink is dry, add 1/3rd of a cup of baking soda into the opening of the clogged drain. After the baking soda has been poured into the mouth of the drain, add 1/3rd of vinegar in the same place. Use a thin rod to force the mixture of the baking soda and the vinegar to completely settle down at the mouth of the clogged drain which will ultimately unclog your drain.

2) Use a Plunger

A plunger as a tool is perfect for such emergencies. Fill the drain with hot water. Then, place the plunger in the mouth of the clogged drain and pull it up. Keep in mind not to pull it up very hard, especially if you are using bleach or chemicals as they can splash and damage your eyes. After the clogged water has been taken care of, its time to remove the coagulated gunk, grime, and dirt to completely unclog your drain.

3) By Cleaning the P-Trap

If there is a lot of debris which has coagulated in the pipe and none of the above methods are able to provide you results then you probably need to clean the P-trap. The P-trap is located directly under your washbasin. You can loosen the nuts using a plier and then unscrew them by your hands. Place a small tub below to collect the water that may drop out of the washbasin. Then use a hook to remove the debris and rinse it using hot water to unclog your drain. Finally, screw it again to reattach it to the wash basin.

Are you still not able to unclog your drain even after applying the above-mentioned methods? Fortunately, we at Pro Plumbing & Heating can help you to unclog your drain.

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