The temperature is going down in Canada, and it will be colder in the coming days. If you haven’t insulated your plumbing pipes and winterized your home plumbing system, your plumbing pipes are probably freezing now. You might not identify this problem unless you don’t get water when you open your kitchen or bathroom faucet, or worse, you encounter burst pipes. If your plumbing pipes have already started giving up, you are in a mess. But don’t worry; here are some things that our plumbers suggest you do.

1) Turn Off the Supply

When water freezes, it expands in volume by about 9%. And it expands with tremendous force. To prevent any further freezing of water and pressure creation, you must shut off the main water supply valve. This will turn off the water supply to the pipes and prevent any more damage. Open a faucet after you shut off the water main as this will relieve any remaining pressure in the pipes.

2) Turn Up the Heat

The next thing you need to do is add some heat in the room. Depending on where the burst or rupture is, place large-sized fans in the room. Turn on the furnace to increase the heat in the room so that the frozen blocks of water can melt. Don’t forget to keep a bucket under the puncture, or your entire room will be a mess. Once the water flows out, call our plumbers and get the pipe fixed or replaced.

3) Fix the Leak Hole

If you only have a leaking hole in your plumbing pipes, then it can be temporarily dealt with in several ways. You can screw a bolt in place of the leak hole if you have large-diameter pipes. Or you can put up a rubber clamp and bandage over the leak. You can also try other types of clamps for this issue. Remember that these are just temporary hacks to prevent excessive water loss. You must definitely call our plumbers to handle the situation.

4) Install a Repair Pipe

This one’s a DIY project for all plumbing pipe materials. Use a pipe cutter to cut out a section of pipe that extends about 1 in. to each side of the leak. Clean and scrub a small piece of repair pipe, slide an end of the sleeve first over one pipe and then slip it back over onto the other. Now solder the joint, and you are done. 

Lastly, whenever something like this happens, don’t panic. Panicking can only make things worse for you and your family members. You may even end up making mistakes just because you are too nervous about dealing with the situation. Keep calm, follow the steps mentioned above, and call our plumbers in Edmonton. We’ll be there to help you out faster than you may think.

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