The word plumbing is derived from a Latin word for lead, the original word being “plumbum“. By definition plumbing is a utility that is used in our buildings, which consists of the pipes and fixtures for the distribution of water or gas, and for the disposal of sewage. On the other hand, the word sewer is derived from French word “essouier“, which means “to drain”.

A little history
Times have changed a lot in bathroom plumbing. Not too long ago, bath time implied dragging a large washtub into the kitchen, and then you had to fill it with hot water from the stove. The whole family used to bath in the same tub, one at a time. Eventually there came a time when an actual room was set aside for bathroom purposes. A bathtub was developed that was capable of being hooked up to indoor water lines and as a result the development of drain lines took place. This was truly a revolution in terms of how it changed things, and finally bathing was no more a tiresome experience. Especially, when compared to the old method.


The first idea of using a shower for bathing and having it in one’s home probably took roots from the fact that waterfall bathing was a fun experience for everyone. The joy of standing under a waterfall was unparalleled. But, it wasn’t until the late 1800’s, when bathroom plumbing finally advanced to the point where actually standing under a shower became a reality. For reasons unknown, this wasn’t really a popular method at that point in time. It would take another 70 – 80 years for this bathing experience to amass popularity. It was around 1975 when showers finally found its way back into homes of North America.
As of this day, showers are seen as the everyday way to bathe, while tubs have taken a back seat and are used generally for relaxation and soaking. Due to this shift in preference, you will find showers becoming fancier and more indulgent with each passing year.

The human race has changed it perceptions when it comes to thinking of bathroom plumbing. From strictly getting clean to being a place to rejuvenate and relax, bathroom plumbing today has a very different definition than what it used to be. It took hundreds of year for the transition from washtubs to today’s modern bathroom plumbing options. It is quite likely that each new decade will bring amazing advancements in bathroom plumbing and this will be very delightful and wonderful.

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