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Gas Lines

Gas Lines & Fittings – Repair / Replace / Install in Edmonton

Set the gas line right

Pro Plumbing employs certified gasfitters to deal with natural gas line installations and repairs. This is your guarantee that the job will be done right every time.

Many homes are adding outdoor heaters to their decks so that the area can be enjoyed during the winter months. Another common installation is natural gas for the barbecue. Renovations will often involve the movement of existing gas lines and replacement of gas fittings.

Gas line installation Edmonton

Pro Plumbing installs and repairs:

  • BBQ gas lines (barbecue lines)
  • Appliance gas lines and fittings
  • Outdoor Heater gas lines and fittings
  • Hot water heater gas lines and fittings
  • Renovation gas line relocations

You want to play it safe with your gas line. You’ll use a gas line for plenty of things from setting up a barbecue out in your backyard to other appliances. Pro Plumbing is certified to manage with any sort of home gas line.

We can install your gas piping, relocate any gas appliances and ensure when you’re renovating your house, there is no risk of any explosions.

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