Modern household water heaters in operation today are expected to have a life expectancy of somewhere around 8 – 12 years. But, for most water heaters this is not the case and they don’t end up lasting as long, due to neglect and lack of water heater maintenance. This implies that most people are never able to get the most out of their water heaters. But, worry not. The following tips will help you resolve this problem for good.

Flush heater on a routine basis
Through the process of flushing, you will be able to get rid of sediments, impurities and dirty water that might get settled at the bottom of your water tank. It requires you to drain water through the drain valve, which is located at the bottom. Keep running cold water into the tank and repeat the process until you have got clean water coming out. Flushing can be done on your own, but hiring a professional will help you if you have little to no knowledge of water heaters.

Insulate the Heater Properly
The type of insulation you have is directly related to the efficiency and performance of your water heater. The insulating material will allow you to reduce heat loss to the surrounding and will allow your heated water to stay hot for a longer period. Also, make sure you insulate hot water pipes as well, especially the ones running from the heater to the faucets and shower heads. Proper insulation will allow you to save a lot of money going forward.

Inspect the Anode Rod routinely
The anode rod present in your heater is primarily responsible for maintaining cleanliness in your water heater. You will generally find it located in the upper section. For better performance of your heater, check the anode rod on an annual basis. Also, if it is not functional replace it.

Adjust the Temperature Setting Accordingly
Most water heaters generally come with a default setting of 60 degrees Celsius. For most cause and purposes, it is too hot. As a matter of fact, most homeowners will be comfortable with a temperature of about 48 degrees Celsius. Lowering the temperature setting will allow you to keep your energy bills at an all-time low, and as an added advantage, it will improve the efficiency of your water heater in general.

Check the Rated Life Expectancy
Checking the rated life expectancy will allow you to get an idea on your water heater’s life expectancy. It will enable you to ensure that early preparations are made for a replacement, in case your water heater starts malfunctioning.

Maintaining your water heater will allow you to get the most out of it. Not only will you have a reduced monthly heating bill but it will also extend the lifespan of your appliance. If you are facing any unwanted issues with your water heater, then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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