Everyone loves an elegant an inviting bathroom. You spend a peaceful time there enjoying long hot tubs baths or long showers. But your bathroom might be becoming old. It’s a good idea to add some new zest into your bathroom by changing some of the fittings. It will make your life more comfortable and will also beautify your bathroom. There are so many new and different things you can add to your bathroom. Let’s look at some ideas to upgrade your bathroom and make it cozier.

Get new faucets and shower heads

Replace your old dripping faucets with new one touch ones. They save water and are gorgeous to look at. You can also do your bit for the community by saving gallons of water that would have dripped away. Why continue old half blocked shower heads? Upgrade to new shower heads, there is a wide variety available in the market to choose from. You can opt for 4 sided showers and enjoy really fun showers.

Change your toilet and sink

If your toilet is wobbly, cramped or just an eye sore, it is time to upgrade to a new toilet. Visit the Mr. Faucet store to choose from large variety and many brands of bath fittings. While you are renovating, it is also time to let your old boring sink go and replace it with posh new sinks. You get an entire sink plus storage plus mirror, a full unit. You just have to place it and get it connected to waterline. This will give your bathroom a chic modern look and you will also get a lot of storage space for extra towels below the sink.

Mini prep ups

  • Prep up your bathroom by getting a new set of towels. Try vibrant colors instead of black or grey. Go for colors that suit your taste.
  • Install towel handles at convenient places like next to the basin or just outside the shower glass. Place grip handles next to your bath tub, they are convenient and reduce your risk of slipping.
  • Replace your shower curtain with a translucent, opaque or colored glass partition. Shower curtains are risky and you can get hurt. Moreover, the glass partition will give a new elegant look to the bathroom along with improving safety.
  • Install anti-slip mats outside the shower and bathtub. They are available in lively colors and style which will lift the mood of your bathroom.
  • Replace your old mirror with nice framed mirror preferably install lights on sides or top or increase the glam effect. This is going to make you dressing up part of the day more enjoyable.

For buying bath fittings in Edmonton, the best place to visit is Mr. Faucet store. And for plumbing and heating pipe fittings, call Pro Plumbing. They are a team of certified and licensed plumbers with over 20 years of experience.

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