Are you thinking of a bathroom remodel? You can upgrade the look of your bathroom by adding a bathtub. Bathtubs not only give you a relaxing feel but they also change the look of your bathroom. A bathtub is more than a place to wash. It is the best place where you can relax, meditate and get a truly personal experience. There are different types of tubs available on the market. You can choose the one that suits your style. But, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while you choose a bathtub.

Some bathtubs are all about function. You can clean yourself, the kids or your dog. To choose a bathtub, you will have to check on how much space you have for it, what you plan to use it for, and what are your personal style preferences. Let the primary use dictate your selection as you determine what works best for your household.

Standard Tubs
These tubs come at the lowest cost and most of the new home builders favor this type as they are easy to install. This is a basic tub that is available in alcove installation and it can be doubled as a tub-shower combo. Standard tubs are available easily and can be purchased from your local home improvement center.

Bubble Tubs

If you use the bathtub to relax, a bubble tub or a soaking tub is the best choice for you. A bubble tub has tiny holes in its lower parts that force soothing, steady stream of air into the water. To keep the bubble tub functioning efficiently, you will need regular cleaning and maintenance of the tub.

Soaking Tub
A soaking tub does not have any bubbles. It is a simple, nice, deep tub that is made for long, relaxing soaks after a tiring day at work. Soaking tubs can be a good choice to accommodate more than one person in the tub. These tubs are large in size. They are often accommodated in the corners of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom area, you should think about having a soaking tub.

Jetted Tubs
You can get a nice therapeutic massage at home with the jetted bathtubs. It forces water through strategically placed jets. The jetted tubs are more expensive than bubble tubs. You can go for this only if you can afford the maintenance costs. Also, oils can cause a problem to your jetted tubs. So, even if jetted tubs are the most lavish ones, you should not consider them as you have many other better options.

Another important thing to note while you choose a bathtub from among the different types of tubs is its water capacity. Also, style is an issue with any bathroom remodeling project, and choosing a stylish tub is necessary. Choose a bathtub that blends with the style of your bathroom. A bathtub can be the center piece of your bathroom. Make sure to choose the right tub and get your bathroom remodeling done right.

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