To save you headache, time and money down the line, you should do a little maintenance of your plumbing fixtures. Most of the plumbing tips and tricks are useful in your bathroom. However, some of them can be used in other parts of your plumbing system too. Here are some easy plumbing tips and tricks by professional plumbers to prevent plumbing problems in your house:

  • Fixing a Clogged Showerhead

Remove the showerhead and put it in a plastic Ziploc bag filled with white vinegar. Tie it with the help of an elastic band or a twist tie. Allow the showerhead to soak for two days. The vinegar will break down the mineral deposits on the showerhead. You should run the shower at full power and repeat the process if necessary.

  • Checking a Leaking Toilet

You may be wasting a lot of water if you have a leaking toilet. However, toilet leaks cannot be spotted easily like the faucet leaks. To check if your toilet is leaking, you should put a few drops of food colouring into the tank. Then wait for around 15 minutes. If you have a leaking toilet, you will see that the water colour has changed. 

  • Cleaning a Faucet Aerator

Unscrew the faucet aerator and soak it in white vinegar overnight. The vinegar will break down any mineral deposits that are built up. Put the aerator back and run water through it to ensure that it is clean. You can repeat if necessary.

  • Preventing Build Up in Shower Drains

Pouring some hot water down the drain once in a month can remove any hair, soap, and oil that’s getting clogged. You should follow this step by pouring warm water after a few minutes to ensure that it is all pushed to the bottom.

  • Knowing the Shut-Off Valve

It is important to familiarize yourself with the shut-off valve. When an emergency strikes, you must know where exactly to go to shut off the main water supply line to your home.

  • Getting a Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing tips and tricks may be helpful in emergency situations and for maintenance purposes but these tips and tricks won’t make you a plumbing professional. It is always best to get your plumbing system inspected by professional plumbers once in a year to know about any hidden plumbing problems that might cause a major problem in the future.

These plumbing tips and tricks by the professional plumbers in Edmonton will help you in maintaining your plumbing system and repairing the minor plumbing problems. Additionally, these plumbing tips and tricks will help in saving time and money on expensive plumbing repairs.

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