Leaking water is a common and most hated plumbing issue. Avoiding water leakages is easy and can be fixed by anyone without any specialized plumbing knowledge. Dealing with leakages from plumbing fixtures is even easier than that from the pipes. Still, many homeowners ignore the drips and leaks in their house. They fail to understand that it may lead to flooding and also result in high utility bills.

If you don’t want to face such problems, then follow these plumbing maintenance tips and easy hacks to stop leakage from plumbing fixtures.

Tighten the Connections using a Wrench
In due course, the plumbing fixtures (faucets, taps, showerheads, and valves) can become loose from their connections and result in leakage. You can instantly stop these leaks by simply tightening the connections. Just wrap a masking tape around the loose plumbing fixtures, and tighten the connections using an appropriate wrench.

Replace the Washer to Avoid Faucet Leaks
The most common cause of a faucet leak is the worn out washer inside the stem of the faucet. The good news is that replacing the washer is extremely simple. Wrap a cloth or masking tape around the faucet stem to protect the luster of the surface. Next, unscrew the faucet stem using an appropriate wrench. Dismantle all the parts of the faucet and replace the worn out washer with a new, strong one. Reassemble all the faucet parts and tighten the stem. There won’t be any faucet leaks.

Follow the exact same procedure for leaking showerheads.

Check the washer and the O-ring

Sometimes, the problem is not with the quality of the components but with their placement and position. Unscrew the stem of the leaking faucets and showerheads and remove all the parts. Check if the washer and the O-ring inside are fitted properly. If not, place them appropriately and reassemble all the parts.

Stop Toilet Leaks by Replacing the Flapper
The trickling toilet leaks can often go unnoticed but result in gallons of water loss. The major reason behind a toilet leak is the worn-out toilet flapper or the rubber gasket that makes the flushing mechanism work. Replacing the flapper is the best way to stop these leaks in the toilet. Just flush and empty the toilet tank. Remove the refill tube from the overflow tube and the chain from the flush lever. Remove the old flapper by sliding it up and install the new one by sliding it down.

Whenever you notice a leak for any of your plumbing fixtures, you need to be quick to prevent the issue from getting worse. Being spontaneous and addressing the issues can save you a lot of time, money, and worries. If the water leakage from your plumbing fixtures has already got worse, call our 
pro plumbers in Edmonton immediately. We will be there in the shortest possible time to fix the mess.

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