Furnaces and other heating appliances, can be hazardous when they develop faults. There can be problems where carbon monoxide leaks out of them. This poisonous gas can cause heart problems, cognitive problems and in some cases even death. According to Statistics Canada, around 380 people died in the last decade, due to Carbon monoxide poisoning. There have also been cases of injuries because of faulty furnaces, not maintained by the landlord or the property manager.

Here are some of the causes and consequences of accidents involving furnaces.

Faulty Parts

After a certain point of time, the parts of the furnace may not be able to withstand the unbearable heat inside the furnace. There have been cases where there were serious accidents because of a part having worn off. There are heat exchangers in a furnace. These exchangers are very much prone to damage. The damage of a heat exchanger can lead to noxious fumes of carbon monoxide leaking into your home and proving hazardous to the health of the residents.

Dirty Furnaces

Sometimes the furnaces are not maintained properly. This leads to an accumulation of dust and debris in the furnace. In the long run, an unclean furnace can cause serious problems. The dust and the debris in the motor can be suspended in the air of your home. Thus, the clean air which you once breathed, will now be filled with toxins and dust particles.

These can cause various problems like, asthma and other respiratory problems.

An unclean furnace can have a part clogged up because of the dirt. This can lead to fires, which can cause some serious damage.

Gas Leak

A switch from oil furnace to a gas furnace can be considered to be a smart move. But there should be periodic checks carried out to monitor gas leaks. Spurious gases, if inhaled can result in increased allergies, fatigue, forgetfulness, migraines and headaches, asthma, mental fogginess, etc. Carbon monoxide emissions should also be monitored carefully.

Old Furnaces

Older furnace, generally do not comply with the current safety codes and could be functioning incorrectly and be producing more carbon monoxide than the building can handle. This can also lead to all the aforementioned hazards.

DIY – (Don’t) Do it Yourself

People who try to fix or install the furnaces on their own, sometimes may have overlooked something. Even a small error can prove to be fatal. We suggest you get a professional HVAC specialist for your heating needs.

A proper maintenance and periodic check-up of the furnaces, will help you keep yourself, your family and you home safe. If there is a faulty furnace at your building immediately contact an HVAC specialist or your building landlord or the building manager instantly.

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