Plumbing inspection is a necessary and important part of a regular home maintenance routine. It is a service provided by plumbers that is carried out thoroughly to ensure everything is in the best working condition. The inspection also helps identify potential plumbing problems. How often should your house have a plumbing inspection? The ideal answer is: regularly. Regularly maintaining plumbing systems and getting them inspected helps ensure that the system is functioning efficiently. Here are the real answers to this question.

Annual Inspection
Some professional plumbers suggest that the plumbing system must be checked at least once in 2-years. While most plumbers and experts insist on having an annual inspection. The plumbing systems that are used the most daily need to have a professional check-up once a year. If you call for plumbing inspection every couple of years and identify various defects during the inspection, maybe it’s time you switch to inspecting annually.

Frequent Inspection Scenarios
There are some cases which require more frequent inspection than annually. The scenarios are:

  • Old House

Old houses generally have old pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing systems. These aged systems are more likely to encounter plumbing defects. The older pipes were mainly made of iron that deteriorates over years. Hence, get the plumbing system of old houses inspected every 8-9 months or consider replacing them if they require frequent repairs.

  • House With Old Trees

Old or mature trees have an extensive web of roots underground. These roots are so rigid that they may obstruct the underground pipes and damage them. Pipe bursts, cracks, or leaks underneath are difficult to identify by inexperienced homeowners. Hence, call for a professional inspection every 9-10 months.

  • Buying or Selling House

If you are planning to move to a new house, you need plumbing inspection the most. Get both, the old and new house thoroughly inspected. It is important to inspect the old house for any plumbing defect so that you get a good buyer for it. A house with plumbing defects has a lower market value. Inspection of the new house is crucial so that you don’t encounter serious plumbing problems in the future.

Emergency Situations
When your plumbing system suddenly experiences a leakage, pipe burst, running toilet, water heater breakdown, backflow of sewage, water pressure problem, or a clogged drain, you need an immediate plumbing inspection. Avoiding these scenarios can lead to bigger, more severe, and expensive repairs in the future.

DO NOT try to inspect your complex plumbing system on your own. Trying to repair or inspect even a minor plumbing system on your own can lead to bigger problems. Call our Edmonton plumbing professionals to book your professional inspection visit today.

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