When was the last time you replaced your kitchen and bathroom faucets? Did you notice that your toilet isn’t performing as efficiently as it used to when you bought it? Has it been a while since you’ve updated your plumbing fixtures and have they started giving problems? Maybe it’s time to replace them so that they can start functioning perfectly again. But before you call the professional plumbers to replace them, find out if your plumbing fixtures can be repaired. It is often possible that by replacing certain components of your plumbing fixtures can help. If you find out that replacing is the only solution, go ahead and look for a replacement. Find out how often your plumbing fixtures need to be replaced and some telltale signs that they are failing.

Faucets and Showerheads
Faucets and showerheads generally last for 15-20 years. But, these 
plumbing fixtures can mostly be repaired and rejuvenated by replacing certain components like the washer. They will have to be replaced if they are beyond repairs or because of the following reason:

  • Outdated style and technology
  • Shaky faucets and showerheads even after repairing
  • Recurring repairs

Most toilets can last for years if they are not damaged or show any other functional problems. But generally, they tend to survive for 30-50 years. You can consider replacing components like the wax seal, flush handle, fill valves, flapper, etc. You must replace your toilet if:

  • It is cracked or broken
  • It needs too many repairs
  • The caulking around the toilet is depleting and the toilet is shaking
  • It encounters repeated clogs
  • Your toilet won’t fully flush unless you hold the handle down
  • You wish to upgrade it to low-flow, energy-efficient variant

Wash Basin and Kitchen Sink
A stainless steel sink tends to survive for a long time provided it is not scratched or corroded. A porcelain basin and sink lasts for 15-20 years. You can also replace the basin and sink if: 

  • They have cracks or are broken
  • If they are loosely secured and move when touched
  • They remain clogged for a long time
  • They are stained and look dirty
  • The steel sinks have too many scratches

Bathtubs typically last for 25-50 years. If they encounter the following issues, you can consider replacing them sooner.

  • Deep porcelain cracks
  • Loose connection due to depleting caulking
  • If they look unappealing and dirty

Garbage Disposals
Kitchen garbage disposals can survive efficiently for 10-12 years if you only let small food pieces down the drain. You will have to replace sooner if:

  • They are frequently clogged
  • Food takes too long to breakdown
  • There are unwanted odors lingering

Don’t try to replace these plumbing fixtures on your own if you lack knowledge and hands-on experience. Leave the task to our Edmonton professional plumbers. Our professionals can replace your fixtures with the best options available, using the latest and smartest methods.

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