Clogged Toilet

Having a plumbing system and never having to face any issue with it is rare. There are various problems you face with your plumbing at home. A majority of them occur in your bathroom and your toilet. The most annoying toilet problem is getting a clogged flush. Why does your toilet keep clogging? The reasons can be one too many.

To avoid having a very clogged toilet, follow these simple tips:

Don’t Flush Everything

Though the purpose of your toilet is to dispose off waste, it is only human waste and toilet papers that it is meant for. You cannot treat your toilet as a garbage bin and flush everything and anything. While disposing off the diapers, dental floss, cotton balls, hair and sanitary pads in the toilet may seem like a viable option; it will create huge clogs in the future. To avoid this, make sure you use a dustbin to dump all the other items.

De-clutter Your Flush Tank

Many homeowners have the habit of keeping toiletries stacked on the flush tank. It may seem like a convenient option as it makes these items easily available when you need them. However, keeping these items openly on the tank makes them vulnerable to falling into the toilet bowl. A toilet roll or a bottle of shampoo can then get stuck in your drainage and lead to clogs.

Don’t Ignore Slow Drain

If you notice that the waste is taking time to get drained off from your toilet, there is a possibility of a clog somewhere in your drains. Also, it is an early sign of serious clogging in the near future. When you notice this, address the problem immediately and plunge the drain hole. You could also get a plumber to check the slow drainage.

Check the Main Sewer

Another reason for frequent clogs in your toilet can be an underlying problem in your main sewer line. Minor leaks in the sewer pipes could lead to the seepage of tree roots in your pipeline. This could be a reason for the frequent clogs. Complete inspection by a plumber and a probable replacement of the pipe could help decrease these clogs.

Do Double Flushes

Your toilet drain is meant to dispose human waste and toilet papers. However, if you flush down a large quantity of toilet paper at once, there is a chance of clogs taking place. In such cases, dispose your waste in two go’s. This way, the waste will be disposed without any blockage or clogs being formed.

By taking these simple steps, you can avoid having the harrowing experience of a very clogged toilet. Always keep in mind the things that you should never flush down your toilet. To ensure smooth functioning of your toilet and other plumbing fixtures, schedule timely maintenance check of your complete drainage system by a plumbing expert in Edmonton.

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