A furnace is one of the most expensive appliances you will purchase. It is advisable to buy a new furnace or get your old one replaced during summers, when there is a low demand for furnaces and heating costs are low. It can also result in discounted installation costs, as heating companies are not as busy in summer as they are during fall. If you are replacing your old furnace, get it checked once for its efficiency and its condition. If it is working properly, you can save a few bucks.

The following parameters must be considered to make an informed decision while purchasing a furnace.


The first decision must be regarding efficiency of the furnace. You generally have an option to choose between 80% and 90% AFUE furnaces. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The AFUE rating tells you what percentage of energy being consumed by the furnace is being used to heat up the house. If you have an 80% AFUE furnace, 80% of the energy consumed by the furnace will be used to heat up you home. The rest of it will go outside through the chimney. If your furnace has an 80% AFUE rating, it means, for every dollar you pay for heating, it uses wastes 20 cents. Thus higher the efficiency, lower the costs.


Choose a technician who will take time to determine the size of your home and optimum size of the furnace required. A furnace too large will cycle on and off repeatedly, thus increasing expenses. A furnace too small will not be able to fight the winters of Alberta to keep you home warm and cosy.

High-Efficiency Filters

A standard air filter will not be able to prevent minute dust particles entering the air in your home. If you have allergies or respiratory problems like asthma, using a high efficiency air filter can help. They remove particle in the air and also kill the bacteria and viruses without hampering air flow.


Alberta faces cold and dry winters. A furnace will only keep the air warm, but the air in your home will remain dry as a bone. This can sometimes feel irritating and make you uncomfortable. A humidifier will get the perfect humidity for a warm and cosy environment.


High efficiency, programmable thermostats are a must have extension to a furnace. They can be programmed to set the temperature according to your preference even when you are out or are sleeping. A slight variation in the temperature will help improve efficiency and enhance savings. These high end thermostats interact with your furnace and formulate heating and cooling plans which are the best for your furnace and implement them accordingly.

Along with all the aforementioned factors and appliances, getting your air ducts and insulation checked will improve heating and decrease costs. It is always lucrative to get your home inspected and measured, by a professional mechanic or a furnace expert, before getting a furnace installed.

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