Every household is confronted with a plethora of options when remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom. One thing you need to choose is the faucet. The only way to choose the right plumbing fixture is by finding the right combination of quality and price, while achieving the look you’re after.

Some aspects that you should consider when choosing a faucet are:

How the faucet was made?

It is important that you should know how your faucet was created. Generally, most modern faucets are created using a cast molding that is more durable than one pressed in a machine.

Interior components

It is not uncommon to find even the most stylish and expensive-looking faucet with cheap plastic components inside. It is always recommended that you buy a faucet with quality components inside so it’ll be able to stand up to being turned off and on multiple times. Moreover, a quality valve will help ensure that abrupt changes are prevented in the water’s temperature as you switch from cold water to hot water or vice versa. This is very important as it will prevent people from being scalded.

Number of handles

This largely depends on personal preference. Generally, you will find most bathrooms and showers equipped with single-handle faucets. But, you have the choice to opt for a faucet with a handle for hot water and one for cold water. In such scenarios, it’s always wise to consider if you’d like the two handles mounted together, or you will prefer a widespread faucet that has each handle and the spout mounted separately. Widespread faucets are generally costlier.


Some of the common finishes in faucets are stainless steel, gold plating, polished brass, chrome, brushed chrome, and powder-coated enamel. If shine is what you want, then polished brass will be a great addition, while chrome will resist tarnish, and powder coating has the benefit of being produced in a variety of colors. When choosing a finish, it is important that you understand that the best finishes will always be on the expensive side.


Most faucets come with a good warranty period. Try to find ones that come with a lifetime warranty from leaks.

Essentially knowing the ins and outs of faucets will help you go for the one that best suits your need. If you are still confused and would like to know more about faucets, get in touch with Pro Plumbing. Our plumbers have extensive experience with faucet repairs and installations, and can also guide you in your faucet buying decision.

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