Regular furnace maintenance will always help you increase the life of your furnace and also keep clean air flowing through the house whenever it’s on. So how is it that you should go about cleaning your furnace?

The first step in cleaning your furnace is inspecting your furnace filter. Here are some of the important furnace tips that you cannot ignore in matters of furnace maintenance.

  • Locate the access panel outside the furnace.

It is usually below the return-air duct, between the blower system and the duct. The filter is found inside the front of the furnace.You may need to unscrew the front panel from the furnace or remove it from hooks that hold it in place in order to access the filter. Then, remove the filter out of the tracks and check. If it doesn’t come out easily check if any debris is blocking it to prevent any damage to the filter.

Inspect your filter for damage or dirt.

If it appears damaged or dirty, it needs to be cleaned and replaced depending on the filter type. If your filter is not disposable, a mild soap and tap water can be used to rinse and wash the filter after any remaining debris or dirt has been removed and cleaned. Slide the filter back into the furnace so that it fits securely. Then close the access door or reapply the furnace’s front panel using the hooks or screws. Only put it back after it has completely dried.

Now comes the next part, about cleaning the blower assembly.

Unplug all the connections of the furnace

Remove the front panel of the furnace. To clean the blower assembly, you will most likely have to remove the whole front panel, even if your furnace has an access door for cleaning the filter.

Slide the fan unit out of the furnace.

Most fans are secured to the furnace by a track, which allows it to slide in and out easily. The fan may also be connected by wire connections. If so, note where each wire connects to the fan before removing them. This will make it easier to reassemble the unit and avoid unnecessary hassle.

Clean the blower assembly using mild soap and water.

An old toothbrush may come in handy while cleaning the fan blades and spaces between them. If the blower assembly is dirty, your furnace will push dust and dirt out through the vent system of your home. Thus, it is very important to clean the assembly well. To add a finishing touch, run a hand held vacuum at low power over the blades and other parts of the furnace. If that is not possible, you could always use a damp cloth to wipe the belts clean. After all of this is done, put the blower assembly back into its place.

Finally, to clean the heat exchanger block:

Switch it off

Unplug all the connections running to your furnace and if it is a gas furnace turn off the gas too.

Clean the dirt

Use a brush to clean the accumulated black build-up off of each chamber of the block. You could also use a damp cloth to clean this build-up.

Use a vacuum

The main idea behind using a vacuum is to thoroughly clean all the debris you’ve loosened up with the help of a brush.

Cleaning your furnace can be done easily with all of these things. With our furnace tips, cleaning your furnace will become a bit easier and still if it seems like an uphill task, plumbing professionals are always ready to help you keep your system spick and span!

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  • Victoria Martinez

    August 30, 2018 | Reply

    These tips are kinda helpful before hiring a technician to keep in mind. The longevity of the HVAC unit is must.

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