Gas emergencies are scary! They are very dangerous and it is better to be cautious when dealing with them. Every year, a few thousand people suffer from gas related injuries and some of them lose their lives. Getting a mail, reading an article or watching a news show on gas related deaths are not new. You might be thinking it may occur only in special circumstances with extremely careless people. That is not true, gas accidents can happen anywhere and to anybody. It is best to learn how to deal with a gas emergency and educate your loved ones too on the same.

Why does a leak happen?

Gas leaks at home are usually a result of poorly installed appliances or bad piping. Make sure whenever you buy any gas appliance get them fitted or installed only by gas fitting professionals. Make sure your technician is qualified, licensed and insured. Be wary of buying second hand equipment when it uses gas for fuel. Poor piping can also be one of the reasons. Get your gas pipes checked by professionals regularly to avoid gas leaks resulting from pipes.

How to detect a gas leak?

  • Best way to detect is gas leak is through smell. Did you know that the foul smell is added to natural for this exact purpose? Natural gas is odorless in nature the smell is added for people’s safety.
  • If you are feeling light headed or dizzy along with the weird smell, you should go out an immediately. Because it can be a result to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Always look for a crisp blue flame while working with gas appliance. If you notice a yellowish or orange flame, get you appliance checked for leakage.
  • If the pilot light is going off often means there is either a problem with the gas supply or in the appliance. Get your appliance checked and talk to your gas company about this problem.

What to do if you have an emergency?

  • If you are sure that it’s a gas leak, first of all, you must turn off your gas supply knob.
  • Open all the doors and windows in the area.
  • Don’t switch on or off any electrical appliance.
  • Make sure you aren’t accidently igniting any flammable substance like cigarettes, match sticks, candles or lighters because they can light your house on fire! Be very conscious!
  • Call 911, or the gas company emergency number. Make sure you use your cell phone and not a landline phone. Landline phones also use electricity which is risky.
  • If you are still smelling the gas after ventilating the room, go out of the house and inform neighbors too.

After your emergency is solved, make an appointment with Pro Plumbing. They will inspect your pipes and you appliance for gas leaks and provide you best effective solutions. Don’t ignore a gas emergency. Take proper precautions so it doesn’t happen again.

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