Gas leaks are something that can happen to anyone, at any time, and they should never be ignored, and should always be taken seriously. Dealing with a gas leak is a situation that everyone should know how to handle with all the care and precaution. This is what you should do when you sense that there is a gas leak in your home:

1. Do Not Panic:

As a gas user, you should be aware that gas leaks are a possibility, and learn to keep calm if such a situation arises. Having a calm mind will help you think better, and thus make better decisions. The first thing you must do is ensure your own safety, by following these steps:


  • Extinguish any naked flames.
  • Avoid using the telephone or operate any other electrical appliances.
  • Call the gas company from your cell phone or from a neighbor’s phone.
  • Ventilate your home, open the doors and windows. This will reduce the risk of asphyxia, carbon-monoxide poisoning, and also get rid of the pungent gas smell.
  • Turn off the gas supply valve by rotating the valve one-quarter turn with an adjustable wrench.
  • Leave the house, and stay as far away from the smell as possible.
  • Notify your neighbors and anyone else who should know about this situation and can offer help.

2. Call the Emergency Services:

If the situation is too severe, you must call the gas company immediately. Do not use the telephone in your home. Use a portable phone or ask your neighbors to call for help.

3. Check the Sources:

The stove burners, the oven, the clothes dryer, the pilot light of your burner are all possible sources of this gas leak. Check to see if you find the root of this problem, and fix it if you know how to. However, if you don’t know how to fix it, call someone who does know how to do it. Don’t meddle at a time like this unless you are absolutely certain of your actions.

4. Get it Repaired:

Once you have located the source of the problem, contact the gas company and get the problem fixed. Most propane and natural gas supply companies will come to a residence and test for gas leaks immediately.

A gas leak can turn into a life-threatening situation if it is not handled with precaution. In such circumstances, it is necessary to keep your head and be sure of your actions. In order to get your house inspected for gas leaks, or to repair any gas-related problems, contact Pro Plumbing today, before it is too late.

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