Toilet noises are some of the most prevalent toilet problems that are faced by many around the world. They can happen due to several reasons, and sometimes, you can fix them on your own, but sometimes you need to call a professional plumbing services. And dealing with them can be worrisome and annoying; hence, we have listed here some of the most prevalent toilet problems that cause weird noises. We have broken them down and offered the steps you need to take to solve them.


Banging noise, also known as water hammer, is a frequent issue that is directly related to high water pressure in your plumbing system. When you flush, the shut-off valve stops the water entering the tank once it’s filled. This causes the water to come to a sudden stop, and if the pressure is high, the water slams against the interiors of the pipeline, causing a banging noise.

To fix this, you should first check your water pressure to make sure it is proper. Then, you should check the shut-off valve, and re-adjust it accordingly. If that does not seem to work, then you should invest in a regulated fill-valve, which will reduce the water pressure going into your tank.


Another noise that may occur in your toilet is hissing. This is one of the fairly common toilet problems. It happens when the ballcock fails to stop the water from entering the tank after it is done refilling after a flush. This leads to the excess water leaking into the overflow tube. And not only is this issue annoying, but it is also a massive waste of water.

To solve this, you should first check the refill valve. If it is not adjusted correctly, you need to adjust it, so it stops the water from overfilling the tank. You can do this by turning the screw on the valve counterclockwise, which will reduce the water level limit and prevent it from spilling into the overflow tube.


Gurgling is a puzzling and hard to trace issue, caused when there is a negative air pressure buildup in the drain line. This buildup causes air pockets that create an airlock, causing abnormal suction. This, in turn, either causes clogging, or the air releases out of the bowl. The buildup can either be deep in the toilet bowl, or in the main sewer line.

Depending on the severity, this can either be an easy fix or a hard one. If you want to solve this yourself, you should first shut off all the taps, and then use a plunger to try and remove the air pocket. But we suggest you call a plumber to fix this, as this can sometimes be a technical and challenging thing to fix if you are new to plumbing.

Though you may not see any negative impact right away, these issues can lead to severe toilet problems when left untreated. Hence, you should fix them once you notice them. And to ensure optimum results, you can avail our toilet repair services in Edmonton.

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