Every home is plagued with a set of common problems. Here’s what you can do when your home is struck by one.

Not enough hot water

Having to clean the dishes and laundry, and take multiple showers can end up draining your supply of hot water. With the holiday season, you may many guests at home. The more the people, the more the hot water demand, and you water heater may not be able to keep up. You can try turning the heat of your water heater which will allow it to increase its capacity. However, you should never under any circumstances exceed a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius in order to prevent burning and scalding due to hot water. It would better get a tankless water heater and soon worrying about hot water will be a thing of the past.


Backed up shower

A clogged shower drain results in the build up of hair and soap residue. The simplest way of dealing with the problem is to clean your shower drain on a regular basis. This will prevent a buildup of dirt, hair and grime. Also, try using a drain catcher or screen, as this can help prevent clogging by making sure that the amount of dirt and hair that’s goes down the drain is minimal at best.

Loose toilet handles

Dealing with a loose handle just to flush the toilet is a downright embarrassment for any homeowner. The most common reason for loose or jiggly toilet handles is a chain that has too much slack because of its length. What really ends up happening is that the excess slack starts causing the chain to slide under the flapper, which in turn allows the water to continue draining into the bowl. To allow the handle fall back into place, you have to wiggle the handle. One of the simplest ways to solve this problem is by trimming any excess off. Also, make sure that you inspect the condition of the flapper. A damaged flapper can end up causing similar problems.

Clogged toilets

The prime reason, due to which many home owners end up have clogged toilets is paper towels, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products being flushed down the toilet. To avoid this issue all, you need to do is keep a waste basket close to your toilet which will allow you and your guests to easily and safely dispose of such items. This will ensure that no one has to worry with the toilet overflowing anymore. Also, keeping a plunger at hand just in case! If you find your toilet clogged, then make sure that the water level is set correctly. Also, it is advisable that you ensure that the flapper is opening completely when you are flushing the toilet. If it fails to stay open long enough, it might not do its job properly.

Keep your plumbing problems at bay by following the above tips and enjoy the holiday season. If you are looking forward to a fast, affordable, and quality solutions to your plumbing problems, get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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