One of the most common issues in houses is leaking roofs. The source of this issue is often difficult to find. However, professional plumbers  can easily identify the source of such problems. Many  times, water enters the roof from one susceptible spot and drips down from another. Once you find out the source of this inconvenience, it is time to identify the cause of it. Here are some common causes of leaking roof.

  • Aging of materials is one main cause of leaking roof as they are less efficient to block water.
  • Holes or cracks in the roof materials or shingles can be caused because of the snowfall, fallen pieces branches or other objects. Shingles can also move out of place because of heavy rain and wind. This can happen due to improper installation. Additionally, these shingles start curling with time. All this creates a passage for water to seep into the roof.
  • Ice dams are accumulated snow that later melts and results in roof leakages.
  • Blocked roof gutters don’t allow rainwater drainage. This water gets accumulated and causes leaking roof through improper roofing material
  • Improper installation of roof fixtures like chimneys, vents, etc. can lead to leakages. Even if the work is done in a proper way, time takes its toll. Flashing and sealing material around these fixtures can wear off with time causing roof leakage.

leaking roof can have damaging consequences for you and your house. The following methods can help you fix minor roof leaks and avoid annoying situations.

Cover With Heavy Polyethylene Sheeting
Cover the entire roof with heavy 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. Keep 2 foot extra sheets on all the sides. Tuck in the ends of the sheet between the eaves and ridges. DO NOT nail anywhere on the sheet as this can lead to future tear-offs

Clean the Roof Gutters
Unclog and clean the roof gutters on your roof on a timely basis. Make sure that it allows easy drainage of rain and other drainage water. You can take help of plumbing services in Edmonton to keep the gutters clean and leaking roofs at bay.

Seal the Joints of Fixtures on the Roof
The caulking around the fixtures can be replaced but it requires accuracy. Remove the deteriorated caulk using a putty knife and wire brush. Remove the leftover debris, clean the cavity created and dry it completely. Now, firmly press sufficient quantity of cement or other caulking or sealing material into the cavity and let it dry.

Hire Professional Edmonton Plumbers
Minor leaking roof issues can be solved using these simple home fixing methods. But if the leakage is serious and big, you must call plumbing services in Edmonton. Also, working with and on top of the roof can be both difficult as well as dangerous. Professional plumbers have the right tools, equipment, hands-on experience to repair any type of leaking roofs.

Regular maintenance, and taking care of minor leakages as they come up, is a good approach. It’s advisable to keep in touch with our Edmonton plumbing professionals to ensure that your all the plumbing fixtures in your house are in place and well maintained.

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