Copper is known as the best material for plumbing systems because of its strength and other characteristics. But, copper pipes are often diagnosed with internal or external corrosion. Pitting corrosion of small patches can lead to pinhole punctures in copper pipes. Pinhole leak is quite irritating but is equally easy to repair in an emergency. Follow these tips to fix pinhole leaks in your copper plumbing system.

Turn off the water flow and make sure that the leakage pinhole is absolutely dry as well as clean before you start. Measure the diameter of the pipe. Clamps are available in different sizes and diameters. Visit a hardware store and buy a clamp that will perfectly fit your pipe’s width. Place the rubber part of the clamp on the cleansed pinhole, close and screw it tightly. This can b Now turn on the water supply, and check if there is any leakage from the sides of the clamp. Tighten a bit more if the water still leaks without turning off the main water supply.

Adding Sharkbite: 
Turn off the main water supply. Remove the pipe and cut off the leaking portion. Measure the diameter of your pipe and get a suitable sharkbite coupling. Measure and mark the depth where sharkbite should sit on the pipe. Rub with an emery cloth and smoothen all the open edges of the pipe so that it can fit properly. Now, put the ends of the pipe into either side of the coupling. Make sure the new joint is fit and tight from both the sides. Turn the water on and check for any leakages.

Turn off the main water tap. Buy a good quality Epoxy seal from a local hardware store. Dry and clean the pipe thoroughly as even the slightest of humidity can restrict the putty to work. Epoxy has two materials. Cut small quantity of both the sticks and knead them together to form gray, smooth clay. Seal the pinhole with this putty and cover the surrounding areas of the pipe with it. Let it dry for some hours and then turn on the water once the epoxy is absolutely dry and hard.

These are some temporary hacks that you can do in the case of an emergency. Adding a coupling or clamp will help for some weeks, whereas sealing with the putty will last only for a few days. For a permanent and long-term solution, you will need professional plumbers in Edmonton to visit your place and operate the leaking copper pipes

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    April 2, 2018 | Reply

    If you hire expert for fixing the leaks then you need not to buy any epoxy seal because experts have better quality seals for fixing the leaks.

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