You have obviously looked at a cold drink of beer or iced tea on a summer’s day. You know what it looks like to see the glassy appear ‘sweaty’. Having a sweaty toilet is quite similar if not the same. The basic theory is that when warm and damp air hits a cold surface, it leads to condensation on the surface.

This is generally harmless but having that moisture in there can leave a bathroom floor damp for days, and in the long run can ruin the flooring or lead to rotting.

There are a few simple and cheap ways to fix this problem and also slightly more costly ways. Let’s have a look at the options.

Installing a tray
A tray acts like a coaster. This isn’t the most attractive solution and you will need to empty it out every few days but it is a cheap solution that solves further problems for under 10 dollars until you can figure out a long term solution.

Change a few habits
This might be difficult in larger families but if you reduce hot showers you can help lower the humidity of the bathroom significantly. Have the bathroom fan on to soak up moisture.

Check the flapper
When water trickles down the toilet it not only is a huge waste of water but it adds to your water bills. It also makes the tank more susceptible to sweating. This happens because the tank is constantly refilling itself with cool water. A good way to check if the flap has a leak is to add bright food coloring to the tank and wait for an hour. If the coloured stains the water in the bowl, you will need to replace the valve and the flapper.

Insulating the tank
If you can’t find fault with the flapper then you can protect your tank from getting cold by insulating it on the inside. You can pick up a DIY kit for under $25 from a hardware store in Edmonton. It is a job that requires patience so do not hesitate to call your plumber if you do not wish to empty your tank and do the cutting required by yourself.

Installing an anti-sweat valve
Yes, it does exist and is also known as a mixing valve. What this approximately $3o contraption does is introduce warm water to the cold water that is already filling in the tank. If you speak to your local plumber, then they will attest it.

However, it is easier to install these valves only to easily accessible pipes and not those that are concealed deep inside walls unless you are up for a massive job of opening up your walls.

After all is said and done, the cost of fixing a sweaty toilet is still considerably less than fixing a rotten floor, so make sure you can upon it soon.

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