I cannot imagine the thought of waking up to a chilly Edmonton morning and finding out that my warm water heating system isn’t working. I would probably end up not taking a shower instead of withering away out of hypothermia! I am sure this would be your state too. So here’s a solution to how you can avoid such a situation and get your water heater ready for the winter.

1.Use your water heater in breaks
Sometimes your water heater might seem prepared for the first 10 minutes of your bath and then, aah! it may surprise you with the bursting outflow of chilly water leaving you cold and icy. Hello, tankless heaters! If you have a tank less heater, make use of your heater in breaks. Excessive and continuous use leads to the above situation.

2.Increase the temperature of stored water:
If your heater has an in-built tank, make sure you increase its temperature before winter sets in. It helps in prolonged showers.

3.Make use of water heater blanket:
Drape a water heater blanket around your tank and mount split foam insulator covers around all the hot water pipes.

4.Check for holes:
If there are any holes in the pipes, make sure you stuff them with plugs or insulated tapes. This prevents leakages and entry of cold wind into the heater.


5.Insufficient Insulation:
If your water heater has been a problem in the past, it can prove to be a headache in the future too. This problem can be the result of insufficient pipe insulation. If the pipes in your home run above your garage or along an outside wall, you may want to invest in heat tape or other pipe insulation.6.Search for the spots:
Inspect the area around your water heater thoroughly. Are there any particular suspicious spots? Does it seem to get colder in that area more than anywhere else in your home? If so, you may want to add more insulation to those surrounding walls. It may also help to re-caulk any windows.

7. Regular maintenance:
It is necessary to get your water heater checked by a plumber on a regular basis. This helps in sorting out minute issues and in the proper functioning of the system.

If you’ve been facing any problem regarding your water heater and its heating capacity, call a certified plumber as early as possible to perform the maintenance process. Water heaters are used the most during the winter months, so what starts as a minor problem in the summer can become a major one in the winter. Prevent bigger problems by getting the heater fixed when it shows its initial symptom to avoid bigger problems. Have a happy winter!

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