A children’s bathroom is a space that is reserved only for the kids and no adults are allowed. And since there is a separate bathroom for the children, then it is only fitting that it should be according to their tastes. However, that does not necessarily mean it has to be filled with all the colors in the world, or that the walls should be adorned with superhero posters. A children’s bathroom allows you to use your creativity and imagination while also keeping their safety on topmost priority. Plus, it’s a great way for to your kid to have a bath. Here are a few tips that will help you in designing a kid-friendly bathroom.

1. Lower Everything:

Since children are not as tall as you are, it would be highly inconvenient for them to have to jump every time they want to look at themselves in the mirror. A low mirror would help them with their daily tasks like brushing and cleaning without them having to stand on the tips of their toes a la Rose from Titanic. Even the cabinets and shelves should be located at a low height so that they are accessible by little kids. On the other hand, if your bathroom is already fully-equipped, then what you can do to make it easier on the kids is add a sturdy stool to ensure that they can scramble up to the toilet or look into the mirror or step into the bathtub without difficulty.

2. Use Clamps:

Sometimes, kids do silly things like reaching into the toilet for fun or playing around with the handles. These actions can be dangerous for the children. To prevent any accidents from occurring, you can install clamps in your toilet seat and cabinets to keep them from reaching in the toilet.

3. Add Some Color:

Even though an all-beige or all-white bathroom will never go out of style, kids like that extra touch of color that instantly brightens the environment. To keep your bathroom from ever going out of style, you can add a colorful tile or two here and there, or have a sink that is not white but blue or green, or you can paint your cabinets a fun color. This could be a playful activity to indulge in with your kids. Let there be a hint of vibrancy in your child’s bathroom, and he or she will be eager for bath time each day.

4. Focus on the Floor:

Most bathroom accidents occur because of wet floors covered in slippery soap residue. To prevent this from happening, place shower mats in your child’s bathroom, which will increase traction and keep him from hurting himself. If you fear that shower mats will destroy the look of your bathroom, then you can even consider mosaic or tumbled marble flooring for a tactile finish.

Do not underestimate the importance of creating a bathroom that is a safe space for your child with minimum risks. Also, when designing a kid-friendly bathroom, keep in mind that children grow up really fast, so ensure that your design does not make him or her cringe a couple of years later. For more information on child-friendly bathrooms, contact Pro Plumbing.

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