No house can be perfect. There could be plumbing defects even if you maintain your plumbing systems regularly. Plumbing defects can often come as a surprise for you. To keep the plumbing system of your home in good operating condition, you must get regular inspections done. There are many professional plumbers in Edmonton who can inspect your home’s plumbing system to keep it in proper working condition and save you from heavy repair bills.

Here are some common ways in which you can identify the plumbing defects in your home.

Leaking fixtures
To trace a leak in your home’s plumbing system, it’s necessary to identify all the potential damages linked with it. You can find the source of the leak by identifying the type of leakage your plumbing fixtures have. It is easy to find a leaking pipe under your sink than one that is blocked by walls or ceilings.

In order to confirm that you have water leakage in your house, you should move appliances from their place to look for the source of moisture. If doing this does not help you find the source, turn off every appliance and plumbing fixture in your home and check your water meter. After a few hours, check the meter again. If the meter shows any changes in the reading, then there is a leak.

Dripping faucets
It is not difficult to identify a leaky faucet. If you have been turning off your faucet but the water goes drip drip drip, then you have a faucet leak. Leaky faucets can waste a lot of water. Apart from wasting a lot of water, they will also raise up your water bills drastically. You should get your leaking faucets fixed immediately to save water and money.

Slow drains
A lot of homes have slow draining problems. A lot of unwanted material goes down the drains leading to major plumbing defects in the future. You know that you have slow drains when there is water clogging in your sinks and your toilet as well. Water clogging can be annoying and so you should keep your drains checked and cleaned regularly in order to avoid the problem.

You can use a plunger to clear up the clogs. If that does not help, you can use a wire hanger to pull out any blockages in the drains. This will clean the clogs. However, when none of the above works, you should call professional plumbers in Edmonton who are always ready to help you.

These are some of the common plumbing defects that your home might face. To keep these problems away carrying out regular inspections will be of great help.

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