Garbage disposal is a great appliance for your kitchen as it keeps the kitchen clean and smelling fresh. But if the food is not disposed of properly, it can cause your kitchen or the house to stink. Apart from knowing how to use the disposal, you should also know about some dos and don’ts for your garbage disposal to keep it in the best shape. Read the article further to know the tips about maintaining your garbage disposal. 

Run Disposal Regularly

Running the disposal regularly is similar to doing some physical workout to keep the body working. You should run disposal at regular intervals even if you don’t have anything to grind. It will help to remove any food debris remaining from last use. It will prevent the disposal from freezing, rusting, corroding, clogging or breaking down.

Run Disposal Longer

Run the garbage disposal longer even after waste is put down by the water. Doing so will ensure that all the food debris has been flushed and gone out. You can use some water and a bit of dish soap to run the disposal after grinding. This will help to remove any food waste clinging to the sides and also prevent any clogs in the disposal.

Use Cold Water

Only cold water should be put in the disposal whenever you use it. Hot water is an amazing agent to clean other appliances, but not disposal. Because when running the disposal, using hot water will melt the food and the waste will cling to the sides. Whereas cold water hardens the food waste and it becomes easy for the disposal to grind the waste and throw it out.

Cut the Waste Into Pieces

The garbage disposal has blades and motors that use power to cut the food waste. You should not expect the disposal to cut big chunks of food. Big waste pieces of the food will make your disposal use more power and it may lead to clog or break the disposal down.

Keep the Disposal Clean

After using the disposal, you don’t want it to smell and stay uncleaned. You should clean the disposal to keep the disposal clean and smell good. Put down a little bit of dish soap and water to clean the disposal and get rid of any bad odour. You should also put down a peel of orange, lemon or lime frequently to get rid of any unpleasant smell in the disposal.

Using these tips will help to use your garbage disposal running effectively and you will be saved from any sudden and unwanted repairs. You can also call our professional plumbers to clean your garbage disposals and get rid of any clogs. Our professionals will also examine your drains and garbage disposal and would suggest a solution if needed any.

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