A roof gutter protects your house by keeping the water at bay, it drains the water away so that the water does not enter your home through the windows, roofs, doors and other foundations.

But for your roof gutter to function properly, you need to keep it clean and maintained. If you don’t, water will end up flowing over the sides of the house due to too much trash blocking the gutters. Congested gutters over a period of time will lead to severe water damage along with corrosion and pest problems. All of this can be avoided by keeping your gutters clean on a constant basis. In this post we will look at the ways through which you can keep your roof gutter clean.

1. Get rid of debris

There can be a lot of loose debris stuck in your gutter if you haven’t cleaned it for a long time. To clean your gutter use a narrow garden trowel. Use it to scoop out debris through the outlet of the drain.


2. Clean using high speed jet stream

Another way to get rid of the trash and debris stuck in the gutter is by using a high pressure nozzle mounted at the end of the water hose. Using the hose to fire a high speed jet stream in the gutter, this will force the debris out. This can be a very messy job, with water and mud splashing all over the place. So keep that in mind before moving onto the jet stream solution. If there is still some encrusted dirt left in the gutter, then use a scrub brush to get rid of it.

3.Clean drain pipes

Sometimes it’s the drain pipe where all the fuss is! Have a good look at the drain pipe and clean it along with your gutter. Try pouring in some water in the drain pipe to check if water is flowing freely. If the water is not able to get through or if there is some obstruction in the drain pipe, try flushing the debris, that’s causing the obstruction, using a hose. If that fails, use a plumber’s auger to free and pull the debris from the bottom or, in some situations, you might have to push it through from the top.

4. Maintenance Checks

It is very essential to get the roof gutter checked on a constant basis. These checks can be done on your own or by a certified plumber. Failing to do so, might end up costing you a lot of money. Also, keep checking your roof gutter for any kind of rust, flaking or leaks.

The above points will surely help you in maintaining and keeping your roof gutter clean. In case you are looking for a certified plumber to do the job or if you are planning on getting a new one installed, then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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