Good looking bathroom faucets are an addition to the style of your bathroom. For the bathroom faucets to keep shining every time, you have to care for them and maintain them properly. Like any other plumbing fixture in the house, bathroom faucets too will accumulate spots and stains. They might also start to leak. To make them look new and keep them in proper working condition, you will have to follow all the bathroom maintenance tips given below:
Clean Often
One of the most important thing that you will have to do in order to maintain any plumbing fixture is to clean it regularly. Routine cleaning will keep the bathroom faucets free from green film, corrosion, and deterioration. Also, if you make use of the right chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets, they will last for years while maintaining great shine.
Dust Frequently
Built-up dust, shaving gel, toothpaste, hairspray and any other bathroom grime will eat away the surface of the bathroom faucets. You need to make use of a soft, dry cloth and gently wipe the bathroom fixtures daily.Remove Built-up
The bathroom faucets are often ignored, but they should be cleaned with a soft brush and a good, gentle cleaning solution. In order to remove the built-up, you can mix 1 tablespoon salt into a cup of warm water. Wipe the bathroom fixtures with the solution and rinse it with water. Remove all the dust around the base of the faucet. Finally, you will have to wipe the fixture gently with a flannel cloth.

Monthly Cleaning
Apart from normal wiping and cleaning of the bathroom faucets, you will have to consider deep cleaning methods on a monthly basis. You can use a paste mixture to deep clean. Mix a teaspoon of salt with a cup of white vinegar and stir until it gets dissolved. Add white flour to the mixture in order to make a thick paste. Coat the bathroom faucets with the paste and allow it to dry. Then rinse it with warm water and wipe with a flannel cloth.

If you follow the above-mentioned bathroom maintenance tips, you will be able to keep your bathroom faucets clean and shiny. Also, the problem of leaks will not happen very often. These bathroom maintenance tips will let you keep the professional plumbers in Edmonton away or decrease the costs on repairs to be made.

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