The process of plumbing a basement bathroom is much more difficult than bathroom plumbing anywhere else in the house. This is because you will have to cut through the concrete floor and work against gravity. To get your basement bathroom plumbing done smoothly, you should seek help from the professional plumbers in Edmonton. if you try to do it on your own, it might lead to many plumbing problems in the future.When you appoint professional plumbers in Edmonton to plumb a basement bathroom for your home, here’s what they will do:

Determine Location
When you are building a basement bathroom, gravity isn’t on your side. In most cases, you will need an ejector to carry away the waste from the bathroom, but if the sewage lines are far enough below the floor, you will have to do the bathroom plumbing without an ejector. Professional plumbers will easily be able to find out the position of a sewage line with the help of a locator. They will also make sure that the drainage lines are at least 4 inches in diameter for shower and toilet lines. 

When the sewage line underground is not working, you will have to excavate in order to dig a pit for the ejector. Most concrete basement floors aren’t very thick, so you can cut through them easily with an electric jackhammer or a saw. When you make any cuts, you need to ensure that you are equipped to collect all the dust of concrete. 

When you are done with this, you will have to install pipes. The best type of material for pipes is plastic as the cast-iron pipes have pores and over time the acid will eat the bottom right out of your pipe.

When you are done with installing the pipes, you will have to backfill the area that you have excavated. You need to pack the soil tightly in order to prevent settling later. When you do this, you need to be sure that you do not move the pipes as you tamp the soil. You must also add a sump pump if you do not have one already as it will protect the home from flooding.

Plumbing a basement bathroom is a challenge but for our professional plumbers in Edmonton, it is not a big deal. They do these tasks on a regular basis as they have a lot of experience. You can get in touch with our professionals if you want your bathroom plumbing done right.

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