During the winter, your plumbing system can go through various problems, and it can cause severe damage to your house. If your house faces any water issues in the walls, flooring or ceiling, then it can be a serious problem. Your walls can catch moisture and develop mold due to some leaks, or a pipe burst can cause the worst damage. A pipe burst can be caused in your house due to the frozen faucet outside your home. You can prevent the outdoor faucets from freezing by following the steps that we are providing in the post below. You can do-it-yourself, or you can call winter plumbing services to do it.

Remove the Hose

Connecting a hose with your faucet would be considered significant, but if the hose is attached, it can freeze the faucet. When the hose is attached, it holds the water even when the faucet is turned off. During the winter, the water inside the hose can also freeze, leading the pipes to burst. By removing the hose from your faucet, it will help the water running and fewer the chances of faucet freezing. 

Cover the Faucet

Covering a faucet during the winter will save you from the big mess that you can face from a frozen pipe. You can purchase the faucet covers from any local home or garden shop. The stores usually have the faucet covers made from Styrofoam. The cover protects the faucet from winter as it traps the heat from your home near the hose bib. Purchase the cover and install it on the faucet according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can also cover the exposed pipes with heat tape, or you can opt for more insulation.

Drain the Faucet

There is another type of faucet that is available in the market known as freeze proof faucet. You can install this type of faucet. If not, then you can drain the water from your outdoor faucet pipe. First turn off the water supply to the faucet, then turn on the faucet and let all the remaining water to drain. When all the water is out, you will have nothing to worry about. Either as told before, you can call our winter plumbing services and opt to install a freeze-proof faucet.

Inspect the Faucet

When the winter is near, you can inspect your faucet. It will help to identify any leaks. If you see that water is dripping from your faucet, then it may need a repair. You need to call for winter plumbing services because when water escapes the faucet, it contacts with the air and freezes, the ice can build up further and jam your whole pipe.

These steps will surely protect your faucet from freezing in winters. If your house is facing any plumbing problem, then you can call for our winter plumbing services for the best experience.

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