Pipe sweating is one of the most common symptoms of excessive dampness. Apart from a very few modern homes, almost every household has the basement moisture problem. The basements that have never had a visible leak also face this problem. The water vapor in the ground forces large amounts of water vapor through the floor and the walls. This water vapor becomes water again when it comes in contact with any cold surface. The cold water pipes and pressure tanks are seen to be the targets.Here are some steps that you can take in order to prevent pipes from sweating and fix sweating pipes:

Eliminate All Possible Leaks
In order to gain control over the moisture, you will have to eliminate all the leaks. With the help of waterproofing compounds, you will be able to get rid of minor leaks. You can repair the major leaks with hydraulic cement before you apply the waterproofing compound to your walls. Hydraulic cement repairs actively leaking areas. There is a wait period that will be necessary between the leak repair and waterproofing compound application. In the case of severe and persistent water leaks, you will have to get in touch with professional plumbers in Edmonton as you might not be able to deal with the problem.Check the Exterior of the House for Moisture Problems
Damaged and blocked gutters are one of the common sources of foundation moisture. You need to clean these gutters from time to time and if necessary, install new gutters. You cannot eliminate gutters as doing so can make your foundation waterlogged. Another potential problem could be vegetation near the foundation. Along with the roots, the soil also holds moisture and does not allow the ground to dry out. To remove the moisture near your foundation, you will have to add and compact soil or install drains.

Wrap the Cold Water Pipes and Tanks
This is one of the easiest ways to prevent pipes from sweating. By wrapping the cold water pipes and tanks, you can prevent moisture from reaching them. Do not make use of fiberglass to wrap the cold pipes, use the plastic foam pipe wrap instead. This plastic foam pipe wrap is available in various lengths and can be cut with the help of scissors. You can wrap it with the help of a duct tape.

Use a Dehumidifier
When you do all of the above steps and still aren’t able to eliminate the moisture, you will have to consider a dehumidifier. Opening the window will work as the best dehumidifier. This would let the hot air from outside enter and you will not have to incur any costs.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to prevent pipes from sweating and fix sweating pipes too. When you have tried all the steps and still failed to fix the problem, you need to call the professional plumbers in Edmonton as they will be able to solve your problem easily. 

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