There are many houses that aren’t protected from all weather situations. The trouble arises when they suddenly face the heat of the moment and they start to leak. Many people face this problem of their houses leaking during the rainy season and heavy downpour. To safeguard yourself from such situations you need to guard your house from the water damages. These damages in the long run may be hazardous for the house as constant leaking makes the foundation and the structure weak and over the time the house may become prone to more damages. To save yourself and the condition of the house in the long run, it is advisable to protect your house from the water damages. Here are some common points where the water leaks and gets into the structure of the house:

  • Leaking from the dishwashers and ice makers.
  • Water dripping from the water heaters and plumbing pipes.
  • Water leaking from kitchen sinks and toilets.
  • Plumbing problem in washing machine tubs and showers.

Whether the water leak is big or small, it always affects the foundation and the structure of the house and it irritates the housemates. Here are some prevention tips for the stoppage of water leaking in the house.

Checking of hoses, pipes and faucets
The condition of the plumbing pipes around the house must be checked on regular basis. If you see any patch on the wall, check immediately the plumbing of that area and get the faulty bracket and pipe replaced immediately. Also check the working of the items that use water such as, washing machines, dish washers, refrigerator etc. Experts recommend changing the hoses once in every seven years.

Showers and tubs
These are often the most leaking items in any household. Check the bolting joints of the tub on regular basis to ensure there is no leak. Waterproofing the bathroom once in every five years ensures that your bathroom stays waterproof from the cracks and leakages.

Drain pipes
When the routing of the drain pipes is not correct, then they result in the leakages. Check the routing of all the pipes of the house on regular basis. If any pipe is broken in the middle of the way then replace it immediately. Also make sure that the flow of the water from the pipes is not clogged and all the pipes are through.

Installation of waterproof pans
Waterproof pans prevent the leakage of water in the floor and they avoid water spillage. They prevent the damage from the slow unnoticed leaks.

Leak water alarms

You can also install the alarms that sense a leak and give you an indication of the area from the leakage is happening. This allows you to keep a tab on the entire house as the alarm is triggered whenever water threat happens. They can be installed in the kitchen, basement, garages and any place of your liking.

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