Plumbing is becoming a popular skilled trade in Canada. There are various reasons for it. The work is new and challenging every day, it involves a lot of skill and knowledge, it pays well, and most important of all, it provides great feeling of job satisfaction. At Pro Plumbing, we love and respect our job and try to provide as much customer satisfaction as we can. We get quite a few quires from customers on how they can become plumbers and how our professionals have become plumbers.

So, we’ve compiled a quick guide to help understand how plumbers get qualified.


Select a the right courses

If you are yet to complete high school, try to take as many math courses you can at this stage. They will come in handy later for measuring specifications of piping systems. If you are out of high school you can still learn much about plumbing there are various schools and courses available to choose from.



NAIT offers various certified courses in plumbing in Edmonton. Here is the list of all the courses you can choose from depending upon your interest.


  • Basic household plumbing
  • Combustion analysis
  • Plumbing cross connection
  • National plumbing code of Canada
  • Solar hot water installation
  • Plumber job readiness

Apart from these, there are also some general topics addressed in the courses. They include the choice of piping materials, commercial and residential fixtures, relevant regulations and codes, as well as water conservation. These programs will train you to deal with all kind of plumbing issues professionally keeping all the safety measures in mind.

Alberta Pipe Trades College

The united association of Plumbers and Pipe fitters also offers various courses. However, you must have an active apprenticeship ongoing if you wish to apply with them. They too offer courses in pipe fitting, sprinkler fitting, piping, welding etc. You might want to check out their websites because the courses they are enrolling change from time to time and also the courses that they offer change.


You can apply with a professional plumbing company for apprenticeship and show them. This will get you a basic wage too while learning. However, it is absolute necessary to get certified in Alberta if you want to have your own plumbing business in Edmonton. After gaining skills during apprenticeship, you can give a certification test with Red Seal. You can study for their programs at your time and apply for their exam and get yourself certified.

These are some ways in which you can qualify yourself as a plumber. Meanwhile, for any plumbing needs you might have at home you can call Pro Plumbing. They provide most efficient and professional plumbing services. Most of their plumbers are qualified and certified in their jobs.

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  • Ken Charles

    April 2, 2018 | Reply

    I am interest in entering into an plumbing apprenticeship here in Alberta. I do some simple plumbing services at home, however I see a good career doing bathrooms and kitchen etc. I also hold a Red Seal Carpentry ticket in Alberta. My biggest obstacle is finding full time work in the plumbing trade. I would like to know if your company is willing to meet and discuss possible apprenticeship. Thanks for your attention, Ken

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