Water flowing in pipes can lead to all kinds of weird noises. Different kinds of noises can be caused due to different reasons. From loose anchoring brackets to high water pressure, there can be various factors contributing to the noises in your pipes. In order to find the proper solution to the noisy pipes, you will first have to determine the cause of the noise. You will be able to diagnose the problem depending on the squeaking, rattling, or banging of pipes. Professional plumbers in Edmonton state that you can quiet noisy pipes with the help of extra anchoring brackets, adjusting water pressure, or by using cushioning materials.

Fix Banging or Rattling Pipes
To quiet noisy pipes that are caused due to banging or rattling, you will have to check for the pipe anchoring locations. When the pipe anchors become old, they start becoming loose and need to be tightened or replaced. Generally, the pipes are anchored to wood floor joists with the help of metal clamps. You can easily replace the clamps if they are loose. Sometimes, just adding a few more clamps can help.

Another effective way to prevent banging or rattling pipes is to add cushioning. To do this, you will have to wrap a rubber piece around the pipe and secure it with a metal clip. Leave some amount of space for expansion around the pipe. This is important when insulating the plastic pipes.

Stop Squeaky Pipes
When hot water passes through the pipes they expand and rub against the anchoring straps. This leads to a squeaky noise when the water is turned on and off. To stop squeaky pipes, you will have to cushion the hot water pipes in the same way as you would cushion the banging pipes.

Check for Lack of Air
You will have to check the air chambers that are located behind the faucets for water buildup. These air chambers are designed in a way to provide cushion when the water is turned on and off. When there is water buildup in the air chambers, you will be able to hear a hammering noise whenever you turn the faucets on and off. To fix this problem, you will have to turn off the main water supply to the house. Then drain out all the water in the tank by letting the water flow through the faucets. Once you have drained all the water in the tank, you should close all the faucets before you could put the main water supply on. Doing this will help you to restore air in the air chambers and quiet noisy pipes.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to quiet noisy pipes easily. This way you won’t have to call the plumbing service in Edmonton and you will be able to solve this type of plumbing problem too. If you are not able to quiet noisy pipes by following these steps, you should get in touch with the professional plumbers in Edmonton as your plumbing might be having a major problem which only the professionals would be able to solve.

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