One of the major requirements for an ultra-clean bathroom or kitchen is shiny faucets and plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures are shiny and look enhancing when newly installed by an Edmonton plumber, but over a period of time, they lose their luster. The reason being their metallic nature. Metals have a tendency to corrode over a period of time. However, you do not need to get a new plumbing system as you can get the shine back. Try these corrosion stain removal ideas for your plumbing fixtures.

Elbow Grease
Elbow grease refers to the exertion you apply while rigorously cleaning or scrubbing. In order to remove the corrosion stains from your plumbing fixtures, the first thing to try is scrubbing out the affected area to remove the flakes of rust. You can use a pad, a pumice stone or fine steel wool to scrub out the flakes.

Rusting or corrosion of metal takes place when it is exposed to high levels of oxygen and moisture. The best way to tackle rust or corrosion stains is by applying acids. The most easily available and safe kind of acid which you can use is vinegar. It is a good technique to use for plumbing fixtures which are detachable. Soaking such corroded fixtures in white vinegar overnight will bring back the shine.
Another good and easily found acidic item is a lemon. You could combine it with some salt to enhance the result. Just rub some salt over the corroded area and squeeze lemon over it. After some time, scrub it using a scourer or steel wool. It is recommended to use the rind of lemon as it will avoid any further damage.
Cola Drinks
You may not know, but when it comes to cleaning, cola drink is a good option. Cola has a high amount of phosphoric acid which is an important ingredient in rust and corrosion removal products. The only challenge with this technique is the cleaning up after rust removal as cola drinks are sweet and sticky. 
Oxalic Acid Stain Remover
If the corrosion stains are way too stubborn, you could buy an oxalic acid stain remover from the market. Make sure you read the instructions properly before making use of these removers as they can be poisonous.

Corrosion stains are common signs of basic wear and tear of your plumbing fixtures. You can make use of the above techniques to get rid of corrosion.  If the water you are receiving is colored, generally reddish-brown or greenish in color, it is a clear sign of internal corrosion in your pipes, which can only be replaced. To replace your pipes and get your plumbing inspected, get an Edmonton plumber to have a look at your plumbing system.

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