Toilet Plumbing Caulking

Caulking is the method as well as the name of a sealant used by plumbers. It is part of the basic plumbing tool kit. It is used for sealing the joint crevices of plumbing fixtures to avoid them from coming off and for basic toilet plumbing repair. When this caulking dries up and becomes old, it starts to peel off and needs to be removed. If you see such peeling caulking near your toilet, here are some handy ideas to remove old caulking.

Tools to Consider

When removing old caulking, you need to make use of a sharp tool to scrap it out. There are many options you can consider.

  1. Utility Knife – It is a commonly used tool for scraping out the caulk. A utility knife works well for smooth surfaces.

  2. Putty Knife – Making use of a putty is a good option if you are planning to refurbish the toilet as it works well with rough joint surfaces.

  3. Ripping Chisel – Ripping chisel is a good tool to use on hard caulk. By applying more pressure, you can speed up the removal process.

Removing Caulking

  1. Since the caulking is old and dried up, you need to loosen it before you remove it. In order to do so, make use of a surface cleaner. This will not only help in loosening up the caulking but will also clean the area. If it does not work, make use of a caulk remover. Just apply drops of caulk remover along the old caulk line and spread it out.

  2. Remember to check the instruction for the wait time. Generally, you need to wait for two to three hours after applying a caulk remover to soften the caulk.

  3. Once the old caulk has softened, make use of a putty knife and start scrapping. Hold the knife parallel to the surface and work along the caulking line to separate it from the surface.

  4. As strips of caulking start coming off, there may be broken pieces left behind in the gap. Make use of a needle-nose pliers or tweezers to remove them.

  5. Once the caulking is removed, clean the area with an old toothbrush to clear the bits.

  6. Now wipe the surface with a soft cloth and clean it with a surface cleaner.

Old peeling caulking can seem like one of the most annoying problems with your toilet. However, simply removing the old caulking is not enough, you need to re-apply new caulking so that the strength of your plumbing joint is not affected. While it may seem easy to remove the caulking, applying a new caulking with precision is something only a skilled plumber can do. So, to avoid leaks around your toilet, take help from the experts in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet plumbing repair.

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