If not maintained properly, plumbing could cost you a lot and create a “Deep impact” on your budget for the month. If you’re in dire need of some cheap plumbing tips to avoid unnecessary expenses, you have come to the right place.

The first and foremost thing you need to save on plumbing expenses is getting cheap plumbing supplies of good quality. Once you get cheap plumbing supplies, replacing the worn out parts or changing parts becomes less expensive. A few more cheap plumbing tips are stated below.

Clean your water heater tank
No one wants to drink, bathe or, for that matter, use dirty water. Lime scale and other kinds of residue increase utility bills and waste water. You can always hire a plumber to clean your tank occasionally and avoid all the future problems that might follow if you ignore these signs.

Try to learn as much possible about various plumbing jobs and minor fixes
The key to performing confident repairs is knowledge. The Internet can provide you with a wide array of how-to guides and discussion forums to learn about a particular repair job. Supplement this knowledge with a book or two on plumbing repair or general home maintenance. This will save you from those telephone calls and plumber’s labor charges.

Keep handy a few essential tools
Some of the basic tools you should have for both plumbing repairs and other tasks include a Phillips head screwdriver, a slot head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a set of pliers. Another tool that could be extremely helpful in saving money on plumbing repairs is a long, flexible, jagged piece of plastic sold as a drain cleaner or clog removal tool. This simple tool can be snaked down into your bathtub drain to remove the mess of hair, soap residue, and body oils that accumulate in the drain pipe and can lead to major repairs if unaddressed. A plunger is another inexpensive and essential plumbing tool. Plungers can be used to easily remove blockages in a toilet’s P-trap or drain pipe

Carry dissembled parts to hardware store
Many plumbing repairs consist of simply replacing a leaky or otherwise faulty part. Two common assemblies that might need replacing are the moving parts in a toilet tank and the seat of a sink faucet. The individual components of these assemblies are not standardized, and therefore vary between manufacturers and models. Bringing the parts to a hardware store will allow you to fit the store’s parts into your existing parts to ensure a match and avoid wastage of time and money.

Regular cleaning and maintenance to-do’s
Regular cleaning and maintenance of your plumbing fixtures will prevent clogging of drains and help you avoid huge expenses on repairs. Clean your garbage disposal regularly with a powder or tablet cleaner specifically for garbage disposal use. Tablet-style toilet bowl cleaners should never be placed in the toilet tank, as this can cause undue wear on the moving parts.

The best way to reduce expenses on plumbing would be to increase your knowledge on the subject. Above cheap plumbing tips will help you get small things done within no time and prevent small problems culminating into bigger more damaging ones. Contact us today at Edmonton Plumbers and we will be glad to help you out.

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