The tip tap of water even when your faucet is off is annoying to hear. More than annoying, a leak is something you should be concerned about. You never know when a minor leak could turn into a major leak. There are various home hacks to stop water leaking from plumbing fixtures. Any leak in the plumbing joint is something that requires special attention of Edmonton plumbers. There are three kinds of plumbing joints which require a different approach to fix a leak. Here are a few ways to stop a plumbing joint leak of different types. 

Compression Joints

Compression joints can be found in various plumbing connections. They are majorly used to connect a pipe or two pipes to the shutoff valve. A compression joint consists of a compression nut, a compression ring (ferrule) and a compression seat. To fix a leak in the compression joint, put a little pipe thread compound around the ferrule and tighten the nut. Check for leaks post this process, and if the problem persists, you might have to change the ferrule with the help of a plumber.
Slip Joints

The major use of slip joints takes place in wastewater management. To fix a leak in a slip joint, you first need to tighten all the joints manually. Then you need to make sure that the trap parts are aligned and slightly pitched for drainage.  Finally, tighten the nuts with slip joint pliers. Remember, if the joints are not properly aligned, they will leak.
Threaded Joints

Threaded pipe joints are used to connect threaded pipes. A threaded pipe has screw-threaded ends which help in assembling it. To fix a threaded joint leak, you could make use of two different types of Teflon substances. First, use a Teflon tape to wrap the threads of the pipe. Wrap it clockwise by facing the thread end towards you. You could layer the tape 3-5 times to avoid a loose fitting. Post the tape application, apply Teflon pipe joint compound and reattach the joint.

It is essential to make use of proper plumbing tools to stop the leak accurately. Repairing plumbing joint leaks is something you could try on your own, but it is highly recommended to get a professional assistance of Edmonton plumbers. To avoid any damage or bear an additional cost of repairing, get your plumbing joints often checked by professional plumbers.

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