Drain clogs are a difficult and time consuming problem to deal with. Sediment, grease, hair, food items and who knows what else!

There are two method used to unclog drains. They are hydro jetting and drain snaking. Hydro jetting is a modern solution using latest technology whereas drain snaking is a traditional method. The differences between these two are:-


Hydro jetting involves pumping high pressure water into the pipe, washing off all debris and sediment down the drain. Since it requires costly equipment to push the water through, it carries a reasonably higher expense than drain snaking.


Drain snaking involves manually cleaning the pipes. This process requires time to be done thoroughly. Hydro jetting sends high pressure water down the pipes can be done much more efficiently and takes a fraction of the time required for snaking.


The high pressure water sent down pipes via hydro jetting will damage old pipes. Similarly if your piping is old, then drain snaking may scrape off poisonous metals such as lead from your plumbing and contaminate your water supply. Ask a plumber to estimate the condition of your pipes.


Hydro jetting is done quickly with the debris being washed down the pipes, hence it is cleaner. Drain snaking pulls out the clogged sewage, thus letting debris contaminate the area and has to be thoroughly cleaned after the work is complete.

Long term solution

Drain snaking is an effective solution only for surface level clogs. If the clog runs deep, drain snaking is insufficient. Hydro jetting can remove debris even in the deepest parts of the drain. Once this procedure is complete, you won’t require drain cleaning work for a long time.


Drain snaking might be unable to remove certain types of sediment that has solidified within the pipe after a long period of time. In such severe cases hydro jetting is the only solution.


Hydro jetting depending on severity of the procedure requires large amounts of water to be sent down the drain. Such wastage is avoidable if the area is around or close to a reservoir or lake. Otherwise drain snaking consumes no such resource and is more eco friendly.

Check up

If pipes are cracked, high water pressure can ruin the entire sewer system. Replacing it would be very expensive. Drain snaking done repeatedly at great cost to no avail, means that your blockage runs deep or is severe in nature. A maintenance check can avoid these issues as well as help you choose the right solution.

Hydro jetting is the superior and powerful method, whereas drain snaking is safer and cost effective. Choose the solution that suits your problems best. Regardless of which solution you pick, make sure you choose a reliable and trustworthy plumber.

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