The purpose of a backwater valve is to protect your home against sewer backup from your drainpipe. Installation of this device in your sewer and drain system is important especially if you are living in a flood prone area. Regular maintenance and cleaning of backwater valve is essential if you want to avoid any unwarranted flooding. It’s also very important for all the parts of the valves to move freely and have no obstructions. Timely cleaning of the valve will insure that no debris or other particle is stuck in the valve. Let’s get to some more tips that hill help you extract maximum efficiency and performance from your valve, while keeping it clean.

1. Inspection
A visual inspection of the entire valve area will help you determine if there is any debris stuck there, as simple as that. To get this done you will have to remove the cleanup plug from the top of the valve and then, you will have to inspect the area using a flashlight. Doing this regularly will help you avoid a malfunctioning valve. It’s always advisable to wear gloves when cleaning the valve. A good and swift jet stream of water is excellent at getting the cleaning job done.

2. Damages

When dealing with backwater valves, one should always be on the lookout for damaged valves. You might come across some damages to the gates while working on the maintenance of the gate, if in case the gate is damaged remove the bolt cover and deep clean the valve. Once done with the cleaning, oil the valve and put the bolt cover back on.

3. Modern Valves

With modern valves, the fitting is done with the help of closed polyethylene float cells. Backwater valves can also fail if the polyethylene float cells are damaged or worn out, so maintaining them by keeping a check on them every few weeks is a good idea. This way, if you encounter any damages you can get it replaced in due time.

Maintenance of backwater valve is not at all costly and it’s possible to get it done on a stringent budget. Regular maintenance can end up saving you a lot money in the long run. In case, you need some help with your backwater maintenance, you can always get touch with Pro Plumbing.

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