The first tankless water heater was patented by Edwin Rudd in 1889. It had a cast iron body with a copper heat exchanger. The patent was on a gas actuator valve which turned on the burner when a water faucet was opened. The introduction of a galvanized steel tank and a glass lined steel tank made it obsolete as it became too expensive to produce. Now with the dawn of the new technological age, the tankless water heater has returned with a new design. Most of the countries in the world have turned to them. Here we try to provide you with some plumbing tips with respect to tankless water heaters.
The main points of comparison between Tankless and storage tank water heater are described below.

The decision should be made keeping into account your needs and water quality around your locality. If you do not mind the initial cost and want instantaneous hot water supply, then you should try a tankless water heater. If you live in a locality  with hard ground water and need more water for your chores, then you can try the storage tank water heater. You can find Edmonton plumbers here who will give you a sound advice according to your requirements.

Water is a really essential part of our lives and during the harsh winters, hot water becomes a great necessity. It is best to be prepared.


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