A gas line is no child’s play, and not following the correct practices when it comes to gas line safety can lead to a loss of human life and property. Regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance will help you keep your gas line and appliances operating efficiently.1. Keep the safety manual in hand
All users of natural gas are provided with a manual of gas appliances. These manuals cover the necessary information regarding the use of piping, appliances, venting, combustion and air supply, among other things. Going thoroughly through the user manual is a good place to start your gas line maintenance.2. Keep Combustible material away
Combustible materials like laundry, paper, paints, solvents, etc, should be kept as far away from the gas line as possible. These materials catch fire and burn easily in case of a leak or ignition.

3. Keep big appliances away from gas appliances
Big appliances like lawnmowers, motorcycles and other gasoline-powered equipment should not be kept near your gas appliance. The reason for this is that gasoline is a flammable liquid hydrocarbon and appliances using such fuel pose a huge risk to the safety of the house’s inhabitants if kept near gas appliance.

4. Adequate ventilation
Adequate ventilation should be provided to gas line as well as gas appliances, because in absence of good supply of air, the risk of fire or explosion due to gas leak greatly aggravates. If in case providing good ventilation is not feasible then, get in touch with a local gas inspector or a heating contractor. Don’t enclose your heating appliance without an expert advice on the matter.

5. A thorough know how of how to operate gas pipe
Know where the shut-off valve is present for each appliance and how to use it. This is a must in order to maintain you gas line and keep it safe. If you are not aware where the shut-off valve is, then get in touch with a certified appliance service provider and find it out.

6. Check for dying vegetation 
Dying vegetation in or around the gas pipe or valve might be sign of gas leak. If you witness a dead patch of grass or dying vegetation near your gas line, get in touch with a certified service provider at the earliest.

The above points will be insightful and extremely supportive when it comes to keeping your gas line safe, yet it’s always advisable to get your gas line and gas appliances checked regularly by a certified service provider. In case you are looking forward to get your appliance and gas line checked, you can get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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