With the winter season in full swing, you want to make certain that your plumbing system is winter ready. Failing to do so not only risks your plumbing system from malfunctioning but you will also have to bear the brunt of expensive repairs. Winter has a harsh effect on water (freezing it) and your plumbing system, causing the metal to contract. 

Why do pipes behave the way they do in winters?
The harsh winters have an effect on your plumbing system. Water that is exposed to the cold, freezes and the stored water creates a pressure in your plumbing system. This can lead to pipe bursts.  

How do I ensure that my plumbing is winter ready?
There are various ways to see and check whether your plumbing is winter ready. Some of them are listed below:
1. Foam Insulation:
Pipes that are exposed to the open environment need to have foam insulation. This prevents water from freezing and blocking your whole plumbing system. 
2.  Check for Leaks:
Open leaks from your pipes can lead to the cold seeping in and cause your pipes to burst. To avoid such a sticky situation, make sure that the pipes that you are using don’t have any leaks. If there are any, call Edmonton plumbers to resolve the leak before it affects your plumbing system. 

3.  Drain away any Stored Water:
If you have any water stored that is exposed to the open atmosphere near your plumbing system, make certain that you remove this water. You don’t want your store water to freeze and affect your plumbing system. 
4.  Check your Hot Water Heater
Run a maintenance check on your hot water heater. The cold winters can strain your hot water heater. The last thing you want to do is for your water heater to stop working – when you’re in the middle of a shower.
5.  Fix Leaking Faucets 
Visit your kitchen and bathrooms. Do you find any leaking faucets? If you have any faucets outside your home, such as in the front yard, ensure it’s not leaking. Leaking faucets during winters can create a major problem during winters as the water can freeze. 
6.  Plumbing Checkup
To ensure that your home is winter ready, it’s recommended that you have Edmonton plumbers conduct a complete plumbing checkup. This is the most thorough way to ensure that your plumbing is winter ready. 

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