Garbage disposal is a great option to get rid of kitchen leftovers, expired or rotting foods, and unwanted food items. But often, homeowners tend to drain anything and everything down their garbage disposal. Some kitchen items and leftovers are not supposed to go into the disposal drain as they can simply ruin its efficiency. A little cautiousness along with proper care regime can do wonders for your essential disposal system. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your garbage disposal efficient for years and years.

Run it Regularly

Even if you don’t have anything to drain down your garbage disposal, turn on cold water and run your disposal every few days. This can help the garbage disposal’s part to move and prevent it from clogging or breaking down. If you don’t run your disposal at regular intervals, there are chances the disposal can freeze up, corrode, leaving any food inside to harden, leading to odors and clogs.

Understand What Doesn’t Belong Here

Not everything belongs to your garbage disposal. There are some food products that must be strictly kept away from the disposal. Greasy food, oil, butter, and animal fats can stick on the walls of the disposal drain and on other parts of the mechanism. Multiple layers or deposits of fats can narrow down the passage of the drains and even render the disposal useless. Both, starchy and fibrous food can accumulate around the grinder blades or cause drain clogs.Accumulation of rice, pasta, celery, banana peels, corn husks, etc. over time can affect the blades’ ability to spin freely.

Keep the Hard Foods Away

The grinder blades will become blunt and inefficient if you keep draining hard products like bones, popcorn kernels, seafood shells, etc. regularly. The garbage disposal is designed to cut, chop, and puree soft food items and not these hard ones.

Chop and Drain Bigger Pieces

Though your garbage disposal blades can effectively chop bigger food pieces, it is advisable to chop the food before draining them through the disposal. Small-sized items will keep the blades and drains efficient for a longer period.

Clean Thoroughly

The sides of the garbage disposal, as well as the drains, should be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals.To make sure all food products have passed through the disposal and deep into the pipes, you can run water in the sink for about a minute. You can put half a cup of dish soap and then top it with water for better cleaning. You can also use coffee grinds to eliminate the fatty accumulations and unwanted odors from the garbage disposal.

If you notice that water doesn’t drain quickly or drain at all into your garbage disposal, there are chances that the drains or disposal mechanism is clogged. To clear the clogs and keep your garbage disposal at its best, you can call our professional plumbers in Edmonton. They will examine your kitchen drains and garbage disposal to suggest the best solutions.

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