Backwater valves are the latest preventive plumbing systems. Backwater valve or sewer backup preventor allows water and sewage to flow out of the house and will stop it from flowing into your house when the main sewer line becomes overloaded. A backwater valve should last for many years when maintained properly. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and below-mentioned tips to maintain the valve for a long period of time.

Backwater Valve Maintenance

  • Check the valve at least once annually to clean and remove debris or other waste material that can clog the backwater valve system.
  • Make sure that all the moving parts of the valve have free movement.
  • Check if the O-ring around the lid is in a good condition. This part is responsible for ensuring a proper seal of the lid. Hence, replace it if it’s broken or damaged.
  • Check the floats on either side of the flap. They can lose their ability to float if exposed to a lot of water-flow pressure. Worn out float-devices won’t be able to lift the flap when needed.
  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners to clean or unclog the backwater valve. They create a tremendous amount of heat buildup inside. Instead, flush the line with hot soapy water.

Water leaking out of the drain in your basement, subsequent stains around that area, a strong odor coming from your unit are signs that your backwater valve is in need of repairs.

Backwater Valve Repair

  • Locate the area where the valve is placed. Most of the old houses just cover the valve pit with a cover panel. Backwater valves in modern houses are covered with flooring and have a solid laminated or tiled surface.
  • Remove the panel cover or dig that particular area if you have the valve concealed under the ground surface.
  • Remove the dirt that protects the valve from any construction impact.
  • Remove the access cover and circular cap of the drain pipe.
  • Replace the damaged gate, O-ring, or float cells that result in backwater valve failure.
  • Replace the valve with a new and efficient one if necessary.
  • Put the cap back and close the drain pipe tightly.
  • Cover the pit with the cover panel or concrete and flooring.
  • Perform all the necessary repairs with the help of a professional plumber.

Backwater valve maintenance is least costly and can be done by anyone. Regular maintenance can help you in saving large sums of money in the long run. But, if the condition worsens and you notice symptoms of failure, contact professional Edmonton plumbers. Our plumbers can solve your backwater valve and sewer issues in no time.

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