Simple plumbing tasks like drain cleaning can become a pain if you complicate the problem. Certain mistakes can lead to worsening the damage. Cleaning a drain yourself before you go for a professional certainly makes sense. But, you should move ahead with the plan only if you know what you are doing. If you don’t exercise caution you might end up making the problem worse.

Overusing chemicals
People generally drown their drains with a cleaning solution when cleaning or unclogging their drains. But, what many homeowners don’t understand is that chemical drain cleaners won’t work on solid clogs. Solid clogs like hair or other physical obstructions will make your clogs worse. The deal with harsh chemicals is that they might damage your plumbing components. If this happens, you will have a bigger and a costlier issue to deal with. Exercise special caution when dealing with such chemicals. They are capable of burning your skin or eyes and are harmful if inhaled. Make sure you keep drain cleaners out of the reach of children.

Overdoing water pressure
A common misconception among homeowners is that applying water pressure will force the clog out. A small clog can be forced out by a gentle water pressure. But, substantial clogs won’t be affected by high-pressure water force. What’s worse is that the water pressure can build up in your pipes. This kind of pressure can cause a leak or a burst in your pipe. Also, there is also a chance of water rebounding and flooding your bathroom or kitchen. The bottom line is, that you shouldn’t use aggressive water pressure techniques when dealing with a clog, or cleaning your drain.

Using professional tools
Professional plumbing tools are easily available at home improvement stores. These professional tools generally include snakes and augers, which you can buy as they don’t require you to have any professional certification. But what most homeowners forget is that professional tools are meant to be used by professionals. Also, being in possession of these tools does not imply that you know to use them correctly. An improperly uses snake or auger will force the clog deeper into your pipes. It might also affect the clog, making it harder to remove. There is also a chance of you accidentally damaging your pipes.

The most important thing that you should avoid when considering draining problems is causing one in the first place. For instance, brush your hair by stepping back from your bathroom sink. Dropping your toothpaste cap down the drain is another common culprit responsible for drain blockage. One should also make sure that bathing a child in a bathtub with tiny toys in the tub is another thing that you should avoid. So, a little precaution goes a long way, and will save you a ton of trouble in the future. Plumbing problems are best handled by certified plumbers. So get in touch with one if you are facing any problems.

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