Drain clogging is a common issue Edmontonians have to face. Most people try to deal with clogged drains themselves before calling professional services. As economical as it may sound, taking on a clogged drain yourself is not completely risk free. Sometimes you might find yourself in a bigger trouble instead of solving one. Dealing with sewage can also be harmful to your health. Unless and until you are totally sure that the issue at hand is very small and you can do take care of it on your own, it is more advisable to take professional help. Preventing a problem is simpler than solving it.

Here are some mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning your drains.

  • Avoid chemical cleaners

Chemical cleaners are highly toxic and very harmful. They might clear up the clog, but the fumes produced are hazardous if inhaled. Some people might even be allergic to those fumes. These chemicals are also equally harsh on your pipes as they are on clogs. They make the pipes brittle and create further leaks and breakdowns in your plumbing line. It is best to use hot water to deal with minor clog or alternately use baking soda and vinegar mix.


  • Install hair catchers

Most drain clogs are a result of hair and other similar debris. Installing hair filters in all your bath tubs and sinks will greatly help to prevent clogs. Brushing your hair before a shower will prevent as much as 50% of hair fall from going down the drain. Also, avoid pouring grease, oil and similar fat into the drain. They will solidify later, inevitably creating a clog.


  • Don’t use a hanger

You might have read at places that you should unbend a hanger and push it down your pipe to unclog a drain. It might sound easy, convenient and workable, but it actually is a nightmare. It will not do anything to the clog and will result into a futile frustrating exercise. You might damage your pipe or the hanger might get struck in the pipe. Moreover, you are also exposing yourself to sewage that is a health risk for you. Let the professionals do the job. They have professional equipment and training that reduces their health risk greatly.


  • Use your garbage disposer correctly

Improper use of the garbage disposer can also create unnecessary load on your plumbing systems. Remember your garbage disposer also has its limits and there are some substances like glass, eggs, starches, fats, coffee, plastic and hair which create problems in your garbage disposal and eventually in you drain too. Use the good old dustbin for disposing all these materials.

Despite of all these precautions there will be times when your plumbing system will need attention. Plumbing systems need constant maintenance and care. Whenever you find yourself in troubled waters it is best to take professional help. Pro Plumbing will provide you best professional plumbing service in the time of your need. You can also contact them in emergencies or book an appointment with them for your other plumbing needs. They are certified and licensed plumbers who are experts in their field.

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